We are a creative Interior design house located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We gives Best interior Solution for Your

Today the market of Interior décor is highly aggressive. To sustain here in the long run could

We have been aiming high and dreaming big from the very first day we stepped into this industry

Name of the firm: ByteShake Design
Proprietor: Engr.MD. Abdul Momin
Address: House


We are Give those services


Our Team are Highly Expert at

Interior/ Exterior Design and Consultancy

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Building Desgn

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Landscape Design and Beautification

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Furniture Design Customization

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Theme and Experience Management

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Design Export

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Engr.MD.Abdul Momin
Engr.MD.Abdul Mominag试玩老虎机注册在线
Ar.Mahfus Islam
Ar.Mahfus Islamag试玩老虎机娱乐
Ar.Idris Ali
Ar.Idris Aliag试玩老虎机app地址
Ar.Sarmin Akter
Ar.Sarmin Akterag试玩老虎机官方网址
Ar.Md. Khalid Hasan
Ar.Md. Khalid Hasanag试玩老虎机网址网站
Engr.Towkir Ahmed
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Engr.Md. Abdur Rashid
Engr.Md. Abdur Rashidag试玩老虎机检测娱乐
J.Ar.Harun or Roshid
J.Ar.Harun or Roshidag试玩老虎机在线地址
Md.Ashraful Islam(Sr.Executive)
Md.Ashraful Islam(Sr.Executive) ag试玩老虎机二维码注册
Tauhidul Azam (Project supervisor)
Tauhidul Azam (Project supervisor) ag试玩老虎机地址平台
Sejuti Barua (color consultant)
Sejuti Barua (color consultant) ag试玩老虎机手机客户端
Ahmed Shibly Faisal ( Project engineer)
Ahmed Shibly Faisal ( Project engineer)ag试玩老虎机下载官网
Engr.Meer Farhan Ibn Bashar(project Engineer)
Engr.Meer Farhan Ibn Bashar(project Engineer)ag试玩老虎机官方首页
J.Ar.Md.Siddique(Project Supervisor)
J.Ar.Md.Siddique(Project Supervisor) ag试玩老虎机网址网站



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  • ag试玩老虎机检测在线
  • 30 Sonargaon Janapath Avenue (Apartment # 4C),Sector 11, Uttara, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh
  • +880-1916797802, +880 172176991
  • info@

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Today the market of Interior décor is highly aggressive. To sustain here in the long run could be very tricky. We haven’t come here just for the time being. We are here to stay and we know how constant up-gradation and ‘out of the box’ concepts play a vital role in our survival. Hatching designs from the creative eggs of our team is our specialty. We deliver nothing but the very best to our prestigious clients. We have introduced new and innovative ideas in this sector which are getting major appreciation from all over the country. Compromising with creativity and quality just for the sake of making money is a total no-no in our book of business strategies. Studying the personality and lifestyle of our client is a way of providing a very accurate design which is almost impossible to throw out. Our top notch designs never fail to capture hearts and receive approval. So don’t ask why, ask why not!


We have been aiming high and dreaming big from the very first day we stepped into this industry of creativity and sophistication. Innovative approach toward every work, be it small or big, helps us generate state of the art deigns which take the concept of Interior Décor to a whole new level. With our young, enthusiastic and dedicated team on our support, we are on our way to join the league of the most exclusive Interior Design Studios of the country. Our experience and affiliation in the local and international market tell a significant story about our expertise. Over the past few years we have gathered enough respect from our valuable clients and this is what fueled us to rethink about our abilities in this industry. As a result of which, we have re-launched our brand with a new spirit on a larger scale. But the commitment and integrity we had before will always remain the same. ByteShake has already caused enough mayhem in the market to attract the big guns out there and already we are working with giant clientele. Every day we are pushing ourselves to the limit to exceed our expectations. We are on a mission to beautify the world which starts with simply decorating a home, setting up an office or revamping a restaurant. With our young and qualified architects, interior designers and client service team, we are surely the next best thing in the market.


Name of the firm: ByteShake Design
Proprietor: Engr.MD. Abdul Momin
Address: House 08, Road 14, Sector 11 Uttara, Dhaka-1230 Phone: +88-01916-797802/ +88-01855-918989


We are leading Interior Decoration and designing Service provider. As experienced Interior architectural consultants we are responsible for the outside and inside out persona of a project we undertake to complete. First we design the architectural lay out of the place and then proceed to fill up the place with interiors that literally breathe life into the living or working space as the case may be. Each building has a responsibility to its environment, natural and urban, as well as its occupants. This results in a particular design solution, unique to each project. This concept permeates to its interior providing a \"setting\", for the different uses within. We hold a common belief that the approach to each architectural project should be a comprehensive design solution. Most of our work exhibits this commitment; encompassing the building envelope, the interior space, the finishes, furnishings, and lighting; all of which are generally custom designed by us. The composition of forms, use of varied materials, and the manipulations of color throughout identify the work that we undertake.


We are offering Professional Building Design or Home Designers, specialize in designing single family homes. In some cases, as state regulations permit, they may also design other light frame residential buildings, agricultural buildings, and decorative facades for larger buildings. Having a general knowledge of all aspects of the building trade, a Professional Building Designer can act as an agent to help the homeowner through the building or renovation process.


Landscape designers should be knowledgeable about plants, landscaping procedures and business principles. They are trained in the principles of horticulture and design, and have an eye for portion, balance and texture. They provide conceptual plans and may coordinate the implementation of landscape projects. We are offering your best Landscape Design and Beautification.


At Custom Furniture Design, we specialize in translating designers\\\' concepts into beautiful furniture - something we\\\'ve been helping architects, interior designers and contractors do for over 10 years! Everything Custom Furniture Design manufactures is custom made to order – \\\"client-specific\\\" furniture designs – handcrafted the old fashion way with quality materials and fine workmanship. You don\\\'t have to be a furniture designer to work with us - we understand that design is a bit of an evolution. Whether it\\\'s a modification of a previous design or an original concept.


We are best in theme and experience management in our subcontinent. we provide you our best experience management also show you prof for our work. that will help you to understand your experience.


Design export is the service that we are use to give those service. We are highly knowledgeable and experience above it. we have a super creative and experience team for design export. we are highly passionate for that.